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Thank you for your interest in a FKPM property. Below, you will find the instructions and criteria required for applying for a property managed by FKPM. It is important that you read the information below prior to making application to understand what is required for renting the property. If you have further questions, contact FKPM at (678) 606-9333.

General Application Requirements

  • Separate applications: Each applicant aged 18 or older must complete a separate application 

  • Complete applications: Applicants must complete the entire application. Failure to supply information can result in a denial of the application.

  • Signed applications: FKPM accepts only signed applications.

  • Cosigners: if a cosigner is required, the person applying as a co-signor must complete a co-signer application. It is not company policy to accept a cosigner unless there are extraordinary circumstances and FKPM obtains approval from the owner. Co-signer/guarantor must have a minimum Fico Score of 700 and monthly income at or above 3.75 of monthly rent.

  • Caregivers: If any tenant residing in the property requires a caregiver, the caregiver must also be 18 years or older, fill out an application, and sign a caregiver agreement prior to occupancy.

  • Reasonable accommodations: if the applicant or any persons on the application require reasonable accommodations because of a handicap, the applicant must supply proof of the disability with the application. Applicants must submit a Fort Knox Property Management, LLC Request for Reasonable Accommodations with the application.

  • Support animal: If any tenant or resident requires the assistance of a support animal, it must be disclosed on the application and the tenant must supply documentation proving the animal is a legitimate support animal.

  • Application selection: FKPM processes applications after receipt. Selection is not a first-come, first-served process.

  • Verifiable identification: When making application, applicants must furnish verifiable photo identification such as drivers’ license, military ID, state ID, or passport. Identification from merchant stores is not acceptable.

  • Application submission: Submit applications online via website If you have questions or need other accommodations, please call (678) 606-9333, for instructions.

  • The Application/Processing Fee: A $75.00 application fee is required per application, without exception, and is non-refundable. A $75.00 application fee for cosigners is required as well and is non-refundable. This fee is to cover the costs incurred while processing the application.

  • Basic Criteria: The general criteria for all applications are stable income, credit, and tenant history or ownership of all applicants, proving the ability to support the rental income and care for the property.

    • Negative findings on one or more of the three areas can cause denial of an application: false documentation is immediate grounds for denial of an application.

  • Income: All applicants are required to supply reasonable, reliable, and legal documentation on all income; all documentation on income is required in a timely manner.

    • Examples of income are W2 and /or 1099, income tax records from IRS transcript, 2 most recent pay stubs, social security documentation, monthly stipends, trust funds, letter of employment, and other sources that will reflect the ability to make monthly rental payments.

  • Verifiable Income: FKPM must be able to verify all income sources, and reserves the right to disqualify applicants for failure to prove income, supply adequate documentation, or prove the ability to support rental payments.

  • Income Requirement: The minimum monthly income requirement is 3 times the monthly rent.

  • Credit Report: FKPM obtains a credit report for all applicants and does not accept copies of credit reports from applicants. No exceptions.

    • FKPM accepts discharged bankruptcies after 3-years if the prospective tenant has re-established good credit

    •  Negative credit reports can be grounds for denial of an application. Minimum credit score of 580 required.

  • Rental History or Property Ownership: FKPM requires a minimum of two (2) years of rental history, and/or homeownership, unless a co-signor is accepted or mitigating circumstances are proven.

    • All references must be verifiable and family references are not accepted.

    • Negative references can be grounds for denial of an application.

  • Acceptance / Denial: FKPM notifies applicants of acceptance or denial within 2-5 business days of application, unless FKPM cannot complete verifications. If more documentation is required, FKPM will notify the applicant.

    • If accepted, applicants are required to follow requirements outlined on the FKPM Rental Application for completion of renting.

    • All applicants applying together must qualify; denial of one applicant results in the denial of all applicants.

    • Giving false information is automatic grounds for denial.

  • Responsibility of Applicant: It is the responsibility of the applicant to inquire from Fort Knox Property Management, LLC about any information on the application that they do not understand.

    • If notified, it is the responsibility of the applicant to accept the offer to rent by submitting a holding deposit and/or security and signing a lease. FKPM requires a minimum of 1- 2 month security .

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